FMI systems received the HERKULES for exemplary engagement



from the left side:
Thilo von Trott zu Solz (Manager of the business development of the area Kassel), Helmut Lagler (Manager), Heidi Haas (Registered manager Lagler), Stephan Siekmann (Branch manager Finke), Francisco Iglesias (Manager FMI systems) and Malgorzata Iglesias, Bertram Hilgen (Mayor)


HERKULES for strong enterprisers

Mayor Bertram Hilgen: Track record, which helps the city

KASSEL: The industrial park Waldau should have developed excellently. Here, not only 8.000 people found a job, but also, this year, the receipts of business taxes allow it for the city of Kassel to schedule a considerable budget surplus. This money should be used to pay the debts of the city.

Exemplary engagement
This is a track record, which is only caused by the engagement of several enterprisers. Yesterday, three enterprisers were assigned for their exemplary engagement on the headquarters: FMI systems, furniture store FINKE and Lagler, special software. Hilgen and Thilo von Trott zu Solz, Manager of the business development of the area Kassel handed out the HERKULES-figure to these excellent enterprisers as a symbol of their special strongh.

HNA (Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgmeine) of 30. September 2007
Subeditor: Mrs. Pflüger-Scherb (use)